For Professionals and Organizations

“No one can face trauma alone.”Judith Lewis Herman

Are you a clinician seeking licensure as an LCSW, LAC, or LPC or certification as a CAC?

Are you an experienced clinician interested in ongoing professional development or consultation?

Are you interested in studying addiction or trauma, working more relationally, or developing your own individual therapeutic style?

Are you part of an organization seeking to implement best practices or to support staff and their professional development?

Ongoing professional supervision and consultation is associated with a number of positive outcomes, including:

  • Promoting staff retention and reducing turnover (Barak, Nissly, & Levin, 2001; Knudsen, Roman, & Abraham, 2013)
  • Reducing levels of vicarious trauma experienced by staff (WCSAP, 2004)
  • Influencing supervisees’ ability to more effectively cope with their work (Sommer & Cox, 2005) and is associated with greater resilience among workers (Turner, 2009)
  • Enhancing worker well-being by strengthening ties to the organization and increasing affiliation with the larger field (Knudsen, Roman, & Abraham, 2013)
  • Facilitating and supporting effective dissemination, implementation, and sustainability of best practices (Heaven, Clegg, & Maguire, 2006; Miller et al., 2006; Schwalbe, Oh, & Zweben, 2014)

I have over 15 years of experience as a teacher, trainer, and supervisor and have developed and taught several curricula on supervision. I enjoy sharing, exchanging, and developing knowledge with others. I teach, supervise, consult, and facilitate study groups because I believe in the central importance of ongoing professional development in order to thrive as a clinician. And through these experiences, I have grown professionally. I invite practitioners to conduct a thorough and rigorous examination of their practice and to make explicit that which is often tacit and implicit about our work. I work with you to consider your practice, to determine its usefulness within your present work, and to think critically about your efforts to implement, evaluate, and adjust your methods. I encourage an ongoing dialogue between evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence.

Individual Clinical Supervision

Individual supervision is available for people pursuing clinical licensure or certification. Typically we meet for one hour weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on your needs and interests. A reduced fee is available for emerging clinicians in pursuit of licensure.

Clinical Consultation

I am available for individual clinical consultation on an ongoing or as-needed basis. Individualized consultation services assist clinicians seeking to learn new approaches, develop existing skills, apply and consolidate knowledge from a workshop, or to explore different dimensions of your professional identity. Consultation sessions might focus on a specific treatment methodology, a particular diagnostic concern, a client population, a specific person with whom you are working, or other aspects of your professional development.

Study & Supervision Groups

As a bridge between practice wisdom and theory, study and supervision groups are designed for professionals who wish to explore and cultivate clinical skills in a dynamic learning environment.

Consultation groups delve into common therapeutic interests. Participants agree on areas of focus and meet monthly. Each session is organized around a clinical presentation and discussion, often informed by relevant literature.

Currently Forming: EMERGING CLINICIANS GROUP for recent graduates who want to deepen their therapeutic skills, expand their knowledge of clinical practice, or develop their professional identity.

Licensing Supervision Group: We meet for 1 hour two times per month. We may study and discuss an article or book chapter; discuss a particular person with whom one of the group members is working; explore representative themes that emerge over the course of practice; or practice different skills with feedback from the group. All of this is done in a supportive, growth-oriented, strengths-based, collaborative environment. The group is limited to 6 members.

Trauma Study & Consultation Group

During the first hour we study and discuss an article or book chapter. During the second hour, one of the participants presents work for discussion. The group is limited to 6 members.

Organizational Training & Consultation

I am available to provide onsite or offsite individual or group supervision or consultation. I also conduct training in a number of best practices including: mindfulness-oriented interventions; motivational interviewing; supervision & management; trauma-informed care; and vicarious trauma, vicarious resilience, & self-care.

“Trying to learn a counseling method without feedback is like learning to bowl in the dark: One may get a feeling on how to release the ball and subsequent noise will provide some clue about accuracy, but without information about where the ball struck, years of practice may yield little improvement.”Miller et al., 2006
I am available to provide in-service training on a variety of topics for local mental health centers.
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